Long distance cross- border hiking trail “The Forest Trail”

Long distance cross- border hiking trail “The Forest Trail”

Long distance cross- border hiking trail “The Forest Trail”

Project goals:

Project goal is to develop a long distance cross border hiking tourism route along the forest from Riga till Tallinn. The Forest trail will begin in Riga, then cross Gauja national park, Ziemaļgauja and Veclaicene. In Estonia will continue through the Setomaa, along lake Peipsi and further along the coast of Northern Estonia to Tallinn. The Forest Trail will guide hikers through ca 1060km of most beautiful nature territories as they would fallow the map the marked route, with a map or a mobile device in hand. Walking distances will cover of average 20km per day. The Forest trail will include all forest types and wildlife features typical of the Baltic States.

Expected project results:

Long distance cross border hiking trail “The Forest Trail”:

  • marked trail for all fitness levels;
  • total length of 1050km, split in ca 20km daily distances;
  • accommodation, food and transport services en route;
  • guidebooks, books and online information en route.

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Media coverage of the project:

19.08.2019 Valmib uus Eesti ja Läti vaheline matkarada (video) https://www.err.ee/972015/valmib-uus-eesti-ja-lati-vaheline-matkarada

19.08.2019 Valmib uus Eesti ja Läti vaheline matkarada https://www.postimees.ee/6757261/valmib-uus-eesti-ja-lati-vaheline-matkarada


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Baltic Country Holiday
Lauku Celotajs
Dabas aizsardzibas parvalde
AS Latvijas Valsts Meži
Vidzeme planošanas regions
Rigas planošanas regions
MTÜ Eesti Maaturism
MTÜ Setomaa Turism
MTÜ Ökokuller
SA Põhja- Eesti Turism

Total project budget: 1 215 720 EUR; ERDF co- financing: 960 418,80 and partner´s contribution: 255 301,20. NGO Peipsimaa Tourism: 34 393,17

Duration of the project: 01.04.2019 – 30.09.2021